Join the #JusticeFirstVoter campaign!  Help turn out voters for climate justice, and let politicians know that we will hold them accountable.


The #JusticeFirstVoter campaign is building on the success of the Justice First Tour, which united Americans working for justice in all its forms across the South in calling for 100% clean energy for all, forest protection, and an environmental bill of rights.


Now it’s time to bring those values to the voting booth in one of the most important elections of our time.



WHO should participate?


The #JusticeFirstVoter campaign needs you and the people in your networks. Reach out to friends and family members who support justice. Reach out to groups you’re involved in.


WHY does it matter?


Now it’s time to let lawmakers know that justice is driving us to the polls, and we will hold them accountable. We need 100% clean energy for all, forest protection, and an environmental bill of rights.


Voting can be hard. Thousands of Americans are displaced by hurricanes and floods and aren’t even sure where their polling places are. Voter-suppression efforts are in full swing. And many are discouraged by the ugly politics of our time.


But by posting early and often — and reminding every friend, neighbor and follower to be a #JusticeFirstVoter — you can unleash the power of justice at the polls, and build a more perfect union.


HOW to be a #JusticeFirstVoter?


Step 1: Start posting on Facebook and tweeting today, using the #JusticeFirstVoter hashtag.


Sample Posts:


  • As a #JusticeFirstVoter, I support candidates committed to a just transition to 100% #cleanenergy

  • I am a #JusticeFirstVoter. Candidates who protect forests get my vote.

  • I’m a #JusticeFirstVoter, and my vote goes to candidates who embrace #climate justice for all.

  • We support the #JusticeFirstVoter campaign because…


Step 2: Sign up for the #JusticeFirstVoter email list to receive the #JusticeFirstVoter Facebook cover image, as well as regular emails containing suggested posts and tweets and updates on the campaign. 

Step 3: Follow the Justice First Tour Facebook page, and like and share content posted there: 

Step 4: Keep posting, tweeting, sharing, and liking. Pick a suggested post from the #JusticeFirstVoter emails we will send you, share an article, or create a post using your own words, photos, or video. Remember to use the #JusticeFirstVoter hashtag, so others can find your content.  

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